Simplifying My Discography

Hey friends.

I've released a lot of albums. A few of them--Where My Nose Ends And Space Begins, Languageless, split (w/ ishcabittle), even Tape Machine Feels--really feel to me like they have an identifying "mandala eyes" mark on them, and I think they're in line with who I am as an artist as well as where I'd like to go artistically in the future. Other releases, though--like the electronic EPs long ago, in the future and polysynthetic, or the somewhat underthought Now Here in Nowhere--feel more tangential to me. I'm glad I made those records, as they were fun, I enjoy them, and I learned something from them; but at the same time I don't really feel that they match up with who I am or where I want to go artistically. They feel a bit out of place, and I think they make my catalog more confusing than it needs to be.

Lately I've felt the need to simplify things, to cut away dead weight, move on, and focus on improving as I head into the future. So I've decided to remove those tangential albums from my Bandcamp and other stores.

Now Here in Nowherelong ago, in the futurepolysyntheticA Balance of Imbalances (single); and all three Life albums (LivingDying and Flows) will be gone soon. Note that the handmade cassette editions of the Life albums (pictured) will also be unavailable. So if you want to hang on to any of those releases, go download/order a copy now. Thanks for appreciating my work so much.

To the future,

♥ ∞ Alex

"No Self" Album Art & Track List Revealed

  1. Small Bug
  2. Interlude #1 (Washing the Dishes)
  3. Warm Bones
  4. Empty Hours
  5. Interlude #2 (Had to Ramble)
  6. Slow Life


Hi friends,

You probably know that I've been working on a new mandala eyes album, No Self. The recordings are still in the process of coming together, but I wanted to share at least some piece of the puzzle with you this month, so I've decided to reveal the lovely album art and song titles (above). Enjoy, and also remember that there's a preview/demo clip on YouTube foreshadowing the sound of the album.

I'll be real with you: we don't have quite as much accomplished as I hoped we would by this point, so though I'm still hoping to release the record this month, I can't in good conscience guarantee that. Rest assured though that we'll spend no more (or less, for that matter) time than necessary to get these songs to where they want to be.

Until then, thanks for checking in.

♥ ∞ Alex

Hear/Watch a Preview from Album-in-Progress "No Self"

Hi folks,

Here's a little video I put together to give you a peek into my current album-in-progress, No Self. It shows footage of me recording parts for one of my favorite sections on the album so far. The video and audio were recorded simultaneously, so it's like you're taking a mini-visit to my studio.

This is the first thing I've shared where you can hear the "full band" instrumentation that forms the foundation of the album: acoustic guitar, bongos, and piano. The piano parts were written and performed by Robert Edmondson, who played bass on the first two Life albums as well as drums on my song "Moss Heart" from my most recent full-length album. His work for No Self is turning out to be just as lovely and inspiring as it's been on all our other projects, so I think this album is going to have some extra special flavor.

I'm really enjoying how everything is unfolding, and I hope you enjoy it too. Stay tuned for more updates on the album throughout the near future, including album art and more audio previews.


Thanks for listening,

♥ ∞ Alex

Surprise electronic EP "polysynthetic" is out!

I recently needed some distraction from working on my next "serious" album No Self, so I decided to play around with the mobile synth-sequencer app Caustic. A few days later, woops! I had accidentally produced an EP's worth of somewhat wacky, fairly unhip, and entirely fun electronic music. SO I've decided to share it with you all (stream in the player above!).

It's titled polysynthetic, a word which refers to a type of language where a single complex word is formed from several smaller morphemes, so that it conveys an entire sentence's worth of meaning. Due to the way Caustic is set up as a pattern-based sequencer, I had to write many small, distinct musical patterns and then string them together in different ways to create each song. That process reminded me of the way words in polysynthetic languages are formed. All of the song titles are approximate translations of non-English words with complex, idiomatic meanings. Though most of the languages these particular words come from are not actually polysynthetic, I still felt that they had the appropriate spirit, since it takes an entire sentence to translate their meaning to English.


I also made a few cassettes pairing polysynthetic with my previous electronic foray long ago, in the future. The tapes are transparent purple, hand-painted, and limited to an edition of 3 copies. 2 sold right away though, so there's only one left at time of writing! Check 'em out (click the image to go to the store page):

That's pretty much all there is to this brief update. Now I'm back to work on No Self. Thanks, as always, for listening and supporting my work! Hope you enjoy this little electronic detour.

♥ ∞ Alex

New Album "No Self" in Progress

Though I've mentioned it a few times already on social media, I'm now officially saying that a new mandala eyes album is in the works. It's to be titled No Self and it's an ode of sorts to the natural, gradual unfoldings and happenings of life.

I've written 4 songs for the album (I guess it's more of an EP actually?) using only my acoustic guitar, so that instrument will pretty much be the center of it. The video above shows rough versions of some of the parts that went into these songs. I've also recorded some sloppy demos and sent them over to my good friend Robert Edmondson and asked him to write some piano/keys parts to go along with my guitar. Oh, there's also bongos; I'm opting for their simplicity over the trouble of a full drum kit this time.

I'll post more updates as we hit milestones in the album's progress, but I'm decidedly taking my time with this one, to practice my parts plenty and explore ideas fully. So no timeframe-related promises as of yet.

Anyway hope you like the rough preview video. Until next time,

♥ ∞ Alex